Self-Adhered Bitumen

Self-Adhered Bitumen

Self-adhered bitumen roofing is another excellent choice for your flat roof commercial roof. What is it and is it right for your roof?

What is self-adhered bitumen?

Self-adhered bitumen is an advance over traditional asphalt roofing material. It is applied to a roof without heat and forms a continuous seal over the roof. It is composed of asphalt and a variety of compounds.

The “self-adhered” refers to the fact that it easily forms a seal with the variety of roof components, which means that it requires less maintenance and lasts longer than a traditional asphalt and gravel roof application.

What are the advantages to a self-adhered bitumen roof?

Aside from its long lifespan, there are other advantages to a self-adhered bitumen roof. It contains no volatile organic compounds and is applied with no heat. Because of this, there are no fumes or mess with its application, and your new roof can be installed without interrupting your day-to-day activities.

Self-Adhered Bitumen Installation

Installing Self-Adhered Bitumen

Is a self-adhered bitumen roof right for your property?

The best way to determine if your commercial or industrial property needs a self-adhered bitumen roof is to call Stonebridge Roofing at (314) 344-3434 and request a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. We will inspect your property and make a recommendation for a roof for your commercial or industrial property based on what we see. No pushy sales calls, just our expert opinion about your valuable roof. Call (314) 344-3434 or fill out our online inspection request form now.